Zero Time Dilemma for macOS

Zero Time Dilemma for macOS

Our team has good news for you today! Another game you have to try is here. We are talking about Zero Time Dilemma for macOS which is an adventure video game. While Chime developed it, Aksys Games published it. The game is the third entry in the Zero Escape series and it following nine kidnapped people by a masked person called Zero.

Zero Time Dilemma for macOS gameplay

In Zero Time Dilemma, the nine kidnapped are divided in three teams. Also they are forced to play some type of death game named the ”Decision Game”. You are going assume the role of three of the characters. Along with that you play through the chapters of the story. These feature animated cinematics, escape the room puzzles and even some moral decisions you have to make. Each of the chapters is 90 minutes long and you can play it out of order.  After the time passes, your characters lose their memory.

The nine characters are locked up in an underground nuclear bomb shelter which is divided in three wards. Three people are put in every section so there are three teams C-Team, Q-Team, and D-Team. In order to get to the central elevator hall and then escape, characters need a number of six passwords. But one password is revealed only if one of them dies.

Zero Time Dilemma for macOS REQUIREMENTS

Zero Time Dilemma for macOS DOWNLOAD


The game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, you have to open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!


More Game Details:

Zero Time Dilemma for macOS features camera movements and full voice acting in English and Japanese, too. We have to mention that the Escape sections include 30 different rooms and you have to find tools, clues and solve puzzles. The puzzles you encounter are going to test your problem-solving skills as well as memory. After you complete an Escape section, you have to take a stance in a moral decision. Be careful what you decide because there are situations when a character’s fate is in your hands.