Watch Dogs 2 for MacBook

Watch Dogs 2 for MacBook

Watch Dogs 2 for MacBook is another game available here for you. It can be played on all the MacBooks and iMacs. This action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, has already many thrilled fans. You control Marcus Holloway, a hacker who is dealing with the hacking group DedSec. They want to take down the city’s surveillance system called ctOS. Are you ready for the action?

Watch Dogs 2 for MacBook

Watch Dogs 2 is set in a fictional version of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is playable from a third-person perspective and you can navigate on-foot or by vehicle. Marcus is accused of the crime against the HDC, for a high-tech burglary he did not commit. So he decides to take the fight to them and reveal their corruption. After a while he is put through a trial by DedSec to remove his digital shadow in a Blume server farm. That is the moment when he realizes  how much data is being collected by the system. This story is after the events of first game, with CTOS 2.0 being installed across the United States. Your mission is to reveal the corruption of the CTOS 2.0 system by the CTO of the Blume Corporation, DuĊĦan Nemec. The members of DedSec are determined to take the fight to the enemy.

In the game, you are part of DedSec. With the co-op system you can complete side missions and explore the world with another player. There are also new vehicles introduced like scooters and ATVs. Using an RC Jumper and a Quadcopter you are able to deploy anytime and hack objects as well. The parkour has changed a lot so you can climb quicker and move around the environment fluidly.

Watch Dogs 2 for MacBook REQUIREMENTS

Watch Dogs 2 for MacBook DOWNLOAD


This game is right now available to download as .dmg. So after .dmg file is downloaded, just open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!


More Game Details:

In Watch Dogs 2 for MacBook, the multiplayer mode is revamped, too. There are new PvP elements introduced in the form of “Bounty Hunter” mode. If a player provokes too much chaos in-game or falsify evidence against themselves, up to three other players can be inserted and simultaneously attack that player with the assistance of the local police. This mode is more dynamic. It is also possible for two players in co-op to be attacked by two other players, if one has a bounty on them.