Warriors Orochi 4 for MacBook

Warriors Orochi 4 for MacBook

Good news for all the MacBooks and iMacs owners! Warriors Orochi 4 for MacBook is now available for you and works perfect. It is a hack and slash video game developed expected by many. Omega Force is the developer while Koei Tecmo publish it. In the game, you take control of a three-man team consisting of characters. They are from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series. If you are looking for some action, you find the right game.

Warriors Orochi 4 for MacBook gameplay

The story of Warriors Orochi 4 for MacBook picks up after the events presented in Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate. The story is told over a series of 70 missions spread out over five chapters. The heroes from the Three Kingdoms and the Warring States are back to their own time periods, and none of them remember the past events. Somehow Zeus suddenly brought them back into the Orochi dimension. The heroes tried to return to their homes and time periods once again. But to do that, they must enlist the help of immortal beings called the Mystics. Those have memories of prior events, so they can find eight mysterious bangles.

The first think you need to do is set up teams of three characters. We have to mention that each character falls under a class type. That determines their ability: Power, Speed, or Technique. In Warriors Orochi 4, there is a number of 170 playable characters and with the exception of guest characters from the other franchises, all characters featured in Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate are returning. Warriors Orochi 4 for MacBook REQUIREMENTS

Warriors Orochi 4 for MacBook DOWNLOAD


This game is right now available to download as .dmg. Once .dmg file is downloaded, you must open it and extract the game in applications folder.


More Game Details:

In Warriors Orochi 4, the addition of Magic and Sacred Treasures allows characters to perform special feats to overcome the enemies. In all the missions enemies are surrounding you at a time. So you must take on all of the enemies at once. Using flashy attacks and other special abilities, will clear them out. If you want, you can switch out your characters when you think it is the right moment, but keep in mind the class type.

For the first time, the amazing Warriors Orochi 4 for MacBook includes online multiplayer for up to six players. The multiplayer modes can be e co-op or versus. These modes imply capturing bases over the opposing team.