The Sexy Brutale for MacBook

The Sexy Brutale for MacBook

Another game you have to try is here! We are talking about The Sexy Brutale for MacBook which is an adventure puzzle video game. It is developed by Cavalier Game Studios and published by Tequila Works. Your task is to explore a mansion that is stuck in a time loop while its inhabitants are being killed. Are you ready for a crazy adventure?

The Sexy Brutale for MacBook gameplay

Curios to find more about The Sexy Brutale for MacBook? The story begins with Lafcadio Boone who is a preacher that wakes up during the yearly party named The Sexy Brutal. The party is hosted by Lucas Bondes in his casino mansion. A mystic woman, Bloody Girl gave Boone a strange mask that ripped him out of an ongoing time loop. The rest party members are stuck in over a 12-hour period and they are reliving their deaths over and over again. That woman also gave him a watch that when the timer reaches hour 5, that day resets.

Boone must save the other party-goers from their cruel deaths before that happen by learning ways over those 12 hours. So Boone needs to find clues, recipes or items. After Boone saves a man called Sixpence, he takes the watch and manages to fix it. The full 12 hours of the in-game day become available. From this point, things are getting interesting in The Sexy Brutale. We let you discover more while playing it.

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This game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, you have to open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!