The Forest for MacBook

The Forest for MacBook

Another game is finally available! The Forest for MacBook is here and can be played on all Macintosh computers. It is a survival horror video game field with unexpected moments. Endnight Games developed and published this game. The action takes place on a forested peninsula. There your character Eric Leblanc and his son are survivors of a plane crash. Curious to see what happens next?

The Forest for MacBook gameplay

In The Forest, shortly after the plane crashes, a cannibal takes Eric’s child away. Left alone in the middle of nowhere, your character has to do anything in order to survive. First he must take all the items found around and inside the crashed plane. He should pick anything, from food, booze, pills, plane axe to suitcases containing cloth. Cannibals are going to search the area around the plane. If you want, you can try fighting the enemy but it’s better to hide until they leave or run to a safe area.

Before the night comes, you need to build a shelter. For that, a few trees must be cut down and you also have to find some rocks. After your shelter is done, you can explore The Forest for food, water, weapons and even to find a safer location. It’s important to obtain drinking water from lakes so you can stay alive and protect yourself from dehydration. In case you are attacked by the cannibals, you may find yourself knocked unconscious and moved underground into a cave. If you reach the exit of the cave, it is possible to be far away from the plane.

The Forest for MacBook REQUIREMENTS

The Forest for MacBook DOWNLOAD


The game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, you have to open it and extract the game in applications folder. 


More Game Details:

In The Forest for MacBook, you have to be careful during the day. You will see some small cannibal scouting parties. It is better to stay out of open areas and away from fires, especially when the night comes. The cannibals are way more active at night and will explore visible fires even though they are frightened by light. You are safer during the day so this means you have enough time for the ever closing night. Also they react to your presence. The cannibals are going to frequently scout out areas where buildings, traps, fires are. In the same time, they become more aggressive in response to the your encroachment.