The Ascent MacBook Version

The Ascent MacBook Version

The Ascent MacBook Version is a 2021 cyberpunk themed action role-playing video game now available here. So all the MacBooks and iMacs owners can play it now. This is a game developed by Neon Giant and published by Curve Digital. The story takes place within an arcology in a futuristic dystopian world named Veles controlled by a strong megacorporation called ”The Ascent Group”.

The Ascent MacBook Version gameplay

Let’s tell you more about The Ascent MacBook Version. You assume the role of a worker enslaved by the company. Soon after the collapse of The Ascent Group, the arcology descends into free-for-all pitting districts, syndicates and rival corporations against each other for control. Your task is to stop other factions from seizing control and find the mystery behind the demise of The Ascent Group.

This game allows you to aim both high and low on enemy targets. Also you can aim at your enemies over the top of props in the environment. You can fully customize your character appearance and even augment him with cyberware upgrades to get new skills and abilities. It is cool you have the ability to hack using a cyberdeck. When you defeat your enemies, you can collect loot of various rarities. Other items can be obtained by completing missions, exploring the world or purchasing them from vendors using in-game currency.



  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 30 GB
  • OS X Version: 10.10 & up
  • Processor: i5




This cool game is available to download as .dmg right now. So after .dmg file is downloaded, simply open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy the experience!