Surviving Mars MacBook Version

Surviving Mars MacBook Version

Surviving Mars MacBook Version is here! Now this simulation video game can be played on all the MacBooks and iMacs. While Bulgarian Haemimont Games developed it, Paradox Interactive published it. In the game, you are an overseer and you have to build a colony on Mars and also ensure the survival of your colonists. You will enjoy Surviving Mars for sure!

Surviving Mars MacBook Version gameplay

Your mission in Surviving Mars is not easy. Along with building a prospering colony, you must take care of your colonists. This means providing access to oxygen, water, food and others. It is also important to maintain access to electricity and even improving knowledge. Your colonists want to live and be happy, too. Building domes, infrastructure and find more ways to expand your settlement are a must in this game. After your initial rocket is well equipped with rovers, transport vehicles and orbital probes to explore the terrain, you get the chance to select a landing site on Mars. All landing sites are based on NASA’s Mars data of the planet’s impressive features

Surviving Mars MacBook Version allows you, in the beginning of the game, to choose from a list of sponsors. One corporation or country from that list will fund your colony and is going to act as a lifeline and also supply chain. Expect to receive rockets containing supplies and equipment from them. While you mine resources on the Red Planet, you can refuel the reusable rockets and send them back on Earth. Selecting your sponsor will determine your starting funds, provide you with particular goals and milestones. The sponsor dictates how many rockets you are able to send back and forth and most important, influence how quick you build your colony.

Surviving Mars MacBook Version REQUIREMENTS

Surviving Mars MacBook Version DOWNLOAD


Now this game is available to download as .dmg. Once .dmg file is downloaded, simply open it and extract the game in applications folder. That’s it!


More Game Details:

You have to know that in Surviving Mars MacBook Version, each colonist is different and has the power to influence the needs and behavior of other colonists. The game is field with many secrets you will discover during each playthrough. Some secrets are able to bring benefit for your colony but others might be a danger. The life support systems must be well prepared in order for the colony to accept first humans. Keep in mind that environmental factors can be your biggest enemies in this game.