Subnautica for macOS

Subnautica for macOS

Today is your lucky day! Subnautica for macOS is finally available and works perfect on all MacBooks and iMacs. This open world survival adventure game is developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. With Subnautica, you are free to explore the ocean on an alien planet, named planet 4546B. Also you must gather unique resources in order to survive.

Subnautica for macOS gameplay

Subnautica is set on an alien planet with mysterious threats. There are many activities you can enjoy. For instance you can explore a long-forgotten cave system, build a base or meet some of Subnautica‘s creatures. Remember that the game doesn’t take place on Earth. Humanity starts to colonize other planets in the late 22nd century. So is needed a quicker method of travel and because of that you are sent out to construct such a device. While doing it, your task is also to scan a planet called 4546B for signs of another ship that is missing for almost a decade. Whatever hit that ship appears to hit yours too with an energy pulse which makes you crash land on 4546B. The mysterious tale of an ancient civilization and its seeking to save its dying race are waiting for you. As the story unfolds, you will see what you must do in order to try and ensure survival.

Planet 4546B has many exotic locations to explore. There are coral reefs to deep-sea trenches, bio-luminescent underwater rivers and more amazing things. In Subnautica for macOS you are not just skimming the rocky ocean floor. In time you will discover an entire alien ecosystem for various forms of life. Some of these will help you on your journey, while others are looking to turn you into a snack. This means you have to be very careful.

Subnautica for macOS REQUIREMENTS

Subnautica for macOS DOWNLOAD


Right now this game is available to download as .dmg. Once .dmg file is downloaded, just open it and extract the game in applications folder. 


More Game Details:

Survival is foremost Subnautica‘s “normal” mode. You have to manage your oxygen, hunger and thirst in order to stay alive. If you die, you lose all your resources and respawn. Your items remain at the location where you died and you can still try to gather what you lost. Hardcore mode is for more serious survival lovers searching for the greatest challenge. This mode features permadeath, so if you die, it is game over. You have only one life. If you don’t want to risk life, you can choose the Freedom mode. This mode helps you managing your resources . You don’t have to worry about dying of hunger or thirst. There is always a Creative mode if you would like to try, too.