Secret of Mana MacBook OS X Version

Secret of Mana MacBook OS X Version

Today our team is happy to announce that Secret of Mana MacBook OS X Version is here. Now all the MacBooks and iMacs owners can play this action role-playing game. It is developed and also published by Square Enix. The story is about three playable characters navigating the terrain and also fighting off some enemies. Are you in?

Secret of Mana MacBook OS X Version gameplay

Secret of Mana takes place in a fantasy world where Mana, Randi and his friends are having fun outside Potos village. They want to explore the surroundings nearby waterfall ignoring their elder’s warnings to stay way from that place. Randi is the one ending into the water and after this, he discovers an old blade driven into stone. When a voice tells him to pull out the sword, there are some monsters released. Because of the event, Randi gets exile from Potos village.

Now, without having where to go, Randi decides to travel aimlessly. Soon he meets a wandering knight known as Gemma revealing that Randi’s new blade is the legendary Mana Sword. Also Randi is encouraged to restore the sword visiting the eight Manas spread across the land. While travelling, he comes across two companions. The first one is Primm who is a noblewoman in love with Dyluck, a warrior. The other one is a sprite child, Popoi that doesn’t remember anything about his past and he makes money by scamming people. The trio wants to revitalize the Mana Sword. Also they want to stand against The Emipire and Thanatos, an evil mage who is dreaming of creating a new world ruled by peace.

Secret of Mana MacBook OS X Version REQUIREMENTS

Secret of Mana MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD


This game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, just open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!


More Game Details:

Secret of Mana give you the chance to explore from a top down perspective. You will navigate the overworld, town, dungeons. Also you will interact with NPCs and fight your enemies. The game allow you to choose which character you want to control at any time. When you select one of them, the other two are controlled via AI. Each of the playable characters has special abilities. For example, Randi can’t use magic but is doing great with weapons. About the combat we can say it is in real time and has a growing power bar that rules the strength of each attack. While using more weapons and magic attacks, you will unlock new skills.