Rust MacBook Version

Rust MacBook Version

Our team is proud to announce that Rust MacBook Version is here! You can play it on all the iMacs and MacBooks. This top survival video game is developed and also published by Facepunch Studios. This game has only multiplayer mode. The players task is to survive in the wilderness using both gathered and stolen materials. We dare you to try Rust MacBook Version.

Rust MacBook Version gameplay

In Rust, the journey starts in the same way for every player. You find yourself faced down, naked on a beach. Probably you don’t want to stay like that too much so left click helps you get up. You will see that in your inventory, you have a few items, a rock and a torch. The rock helps you chop down trees. Also gathering rocks is a good idea because you can use them to build a shelter. Sometimes airplanes fly overhead, dropping supply crates for you.

We have to mention that before you are able to play as your character, you must know him pretty well. Just like in real life, your player has feelings that are caused by different situations. Also Rust is filled with many people who are happy killing new ones on the beach. In the same time, your fellow “nakeds” have a strong blood lust and want to take it out on you using their rock. There can be over 400 people on a single server and they all might be dangerous.

Rust MacBook Version REQUIREMENTS

Rust MacBook Version DOWNLOAD


This game is available to download as .dmg right now. So after .dmg file is downloaded, just open it and extract the game in applications folder. Easy and fast!


More Game Details:

There are many important things to mentions about Rust MacBook Version. As soon you start sprinting away from the beach, toward trees, you are pretty safe. So it’s time to start gathering resources. A big part of the game is focusing on building. To do that, you need resources. One of the most important resources is wood. To make a stone hatchet takes 200 wood and 100. So when have 200 wood stop chopping down trees and start looking for stone. There are ways to get cloth, too in Rust. The main method is to hemp plants and hitting them to gather. An adult plant nets you 10 cloth. It is good to run around a bit until you get 30 cloth. After that, go back to your base, craft a sleeping bag, and place it on the ground.