Resident Evil 7 for macOS

Resident Evil 7 for macOS

Our team is proud to announce that Resident Evil 7 for macOS is finally available. You can play it on any MacBook or iMac. This is a survival horror game, developed and published by Capcom. In the game, you play as Ethan, a civilian who is searching for his missing wife, Mia. Resident Evil 7 wants to test your courage. Are you in?

Resident Evil 7 for macOS gameplay

In Resident Evil 7 for macOS, Ethan searches lead him to a derelict plantation mansion, in the town of Dulvey Louisiana. Surprising is that the dilapidated manor is home to the psychopathic Baker family. Ethan tends to believe the Baker family kidnapped Mia and he is the one that can save her.  After escaping from the Baker mansion by boat as Ethan, you control Mia, the missing one that the man was searching for. She is suffering from a convenient bout of amnesia. This means she can’t answer Ethan’s questions about how she ended up with that family. But while she is exploring a crashed ship near the house, she starts to understand what’s going on.

Mia remembers that she is keeping a big secret from Ethan. She is a secret agent for a quiet organization that deals in bio organic weapons.
At some point, Mia and her work partner were on the ship trying to deliver a horrific creation to a branch of the company. This creation, named E-Series, takes the form of a little girl, Eveline. Because she is a lab-created being, Eveline has become obsessed with family. That is why Mia pretended to be her mother. When Mia lost control of the little girl, who used her mind control powers to kill off crew members. In the same time, she created the monsters you see throughout the game. The ship crashed and both Eveline and Mia end up with the Bakers.

Resident Evil 7 for macOS REQUIREMENTS

Resident Evil 7 for macOS DOWNLOAD



Right now the game is available to download as .dmg. So after .dmg file is downloaded, simply open it and extract the game in applications folder.


More Game Details:

Resident Evil 7 for macOS is played entirely from a first-person perspective. Besides the Baker clan, you must use a plenty of weapons against other enemies. You are able to heal yourself with green herbs and first-aid sprays. It is very important to save your progress at specified tape recorders throughout the game. On the Madhouse difficulty setting is a limited number of cassette you can use to save.

Gameplay on MacBook