Project Cars 2 for macOS

Project CARS 2 for macOS

One of the best motorsport racing simulator video game is finally available. We are talking about Project CARS 2 for macOS, a game developed by Slightly Mad Studios It is published and distributed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Fortunately now this stunning game can be played on all the MacBooks and iMacs. Just check the requirement before installing Project CARS 2. Enjoy it!

Project CARS 2 for macOS gameplay

The racing action in Project CARS 2 is aim at a certain level of authenticity, but it doesn’t mean slower paced gameplay. Races are so fast and crazy. The racing sim has over 50 track locations, and there multiple track layouts as well. The tracks include the well known Rallycross circuits, like Knockhill, Daytona and Lydden Hill. Project CARS 2 has a full dynamic weather conditions. Time of day changes as well for every single location in the game. These environmental conditions affect the gameplay due to a special system. Players can choose what season to race in; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, too.

Players complain about artificial intelligence in the original Project CARS saying is unfairly skilled and too aggressive. So Project CARS 2 for macOS give you the ability to customize that to suit your needs. The game brings sliders to adjust the skill and aggression of the AI racers. This way you can focus on improving your own level of skill before you get down to worrying about how to win against the best racers. The game allows you to take part in multi-class races. Now you can play a race that includes cars like Porsche, a Mini Cooper, a Formula 1 and others. There are also vintage vehicles in the huge roster of the game. It is your chance means to race both in and against these vintage, classic, historic vehicles. Sounds excited, right?


Project CARS 2 for macOS DOWNLOAD


Now, the game is available to download as .dmg. Once .dmg file is downloaded open it and extract the game in applications folder. Easy and fast!


More Game Details:

An important addition to the gameplay is the LiveTrack 3.0 system. It allows for dynamic road surface transitions that alter vehicle performance, grip and also handling in real-time. Simplifying rain falls on the track, in some areas puddles are forming, when the sun comes up the water starts to dry up.
If you get bored playing by yourself you can check out the new online mode. This mode is introduces two new elements that allow a better opponent selection. Driver reputation is important for online racing. A lower rating means you are not able to join certain events. Other important aspect refers to the driver’s strength. It rates your skills and racecraft to pair with similar driving players.