Pikuniku MacBook OS X Version

Pikuniku MacBook OS X Version

Hello everybody! Today we have some amazing news for all the MacBooks and iMacs owners. Pikuniku MacBook OS X Version is a puzzle adventure video game you can try now. This is a video game developed by Sectordub and published by Devolver Digital. You take the role of the titular red creature called Piku through a colorful world. Your task is to put an end to a plot to harvest the entirety of the land’s resources.

Pikuniku MacBook OS X Version gameplay

Pikuniku MacBook OS X Version begins with Piku waking up from his slumber in some type of cave. After venturing to a nearby village, the locals become scared of Piku. So they decided to lock him up in a cage and called him a ‘ghastly beast of legend’. He was kept imprisoning until he agreed to fix the town bridge he destroyed by accident. After he repaired the bridge, he was set free and now he has an important task. He must help deal with the entrepreneurial Mr. Sunshine which is a pink creature wanting to harvest the entirety of the world’s natural resources but for his own.

It’s fun to play Pikuniku! You have to go through levels and solve puzzles in order to progress. Most of the puzzles involve kicking and pushing objects onto switches to open doors and access different rooms that allow you to proceed through the level. While playing the game, you will encounter villages. There you can interact with non-playable characters. Also you can spend currency earned in the game on cool items like hats. We have to say the game features a local cooperative mode with 9 levels. This involves the second player to control Niku, an orange creature.

Pikuniku MacBook OS X Version REQUIREMENTS

Pikuniku MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD


The game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, just open it and extract the game in the applications folder. Enjoy it!