Phoenix Point MacBook Version

Phoenix Point MacBook Version

Phoenix Point MacBook Version is another cool game you can now play on all Macintosh computers. This is one of the most anticipated strategy video game of the year. Snapshot Games developed and also published it. The story is set in 2047 on an Earth in the middle of an alien invasion. You begin the game in command of a lone base known as Phoenix Point. There are some challenges you have to overcome in order to save yourself and the rest of humankind.

Phoenix Point MacBook Version gameplay


In Phoenix Point MacBook Version, you are the leader of a cell of the Phoenix Project. This secret global organization tried helping humanity in a time of worldwide peril since the 20th century. Between battles, the aliens are going to adapt through accelerated, evolutionary mutations to the tactics and technology which you choose to use against them. Meanwhile, other factions of humans will pursue their particular objectives while they compete with you for limited resources in that crazy apocalyptic world. We have to say how you resolve the challenges can result in different endings to the game.

Phoenix Point MacBook Version REQUIREMENTS

Phoenix Point MacBook Version DOWNLOAD


The game is right now available to download as .dmg.  Once .dmg file is downloaded, simply open it and extract the game in the applications folder. Have fun while playing it!