PES 2018 for MacBook

PES 2018 for MacBook

Yes, it is here! PES 2018 is right now available and works perfect on all Macintosh computers. This sports video game is developed and also published by Konami. It has many surprises for PES series lovers and not only. Give it a try! We are sure you’ll like this top game!

PES 2018 for MacBook gameplay

PES 2018 for MacBook comes with many updates and additions that will make you enjoy this game even more. First let’s mention what’s new in the gameplay. The existing model is now better and creates a more realistic game speed. Strategic dribbling has more options in possession and the Real Touch+ lets the player use the entire body for ball control. In PES 2018, there are penalty-kick systems, new free-kick and also one-player kick-offs. Fortunately, the popular Random Selection Match returns. With this mode, friends can take turns to choose clubs and countries from which they are assigned a casual lineup of players. This means that a combination of Manchester United, Real Madrid and Inter stars can take on a team of your Arsenal, Barcelona and Juventus counterparts.

PES 2018 features the English, Spanish, Italian and French leagues, but not all of the teams within are licensed. There are as well some extra licensed teams available to play with although their league as a whole is not available. Another thing to mention is that all  menus in the game, the tactics and team selection screens are overhauled. Also in the game online, new co-op options allow for two-against-two and three-against-three group play. Sounds fun, right?


PES 2018 for MacBook DOWNLOAD


The game is available to download as .dmg right now. So after .dmg file is downloaded, you have to open it and extract the game in applications folder. That’s it!


More Game Details:

In PES 2018 for MacBook you will be surprised because of  improved stadium lighting and turf. In the same time, the realistic tunnels at some of the world’s most famous venues are impressive. Now the motion capture is perfect for a “complete rework” of the animation system. Another important thing is that the player models are also changed to create more lifelike kit fitting. David Beckham is a ‘Legend’ in PES 2018 and gamers can play as the former England captain in the myClub mode. This mode allows you to create a unique team.