Oxenfree MacBook Version

Oxenfree MacBook Version

We are proud to announce that Oxenfree MacBook Version is finally available here. Fortunately now is converted so you can play it on all MacBooks and iMacs. This supernatural mystery graphic adventure video game has many surprises for the players. It is developed and also published by Night School Studio. In the game, you take the role of Alex, who is a teenage girl having a weekend trip to a local island. After some supernatural events occur, she and her friends must discover the secrets of the island.

Oxenfree MacBook Version gameplay

The story of Oxenfree MacBook Version is focusing, as we mentioned, on Alex ready for a weekend party on fictional Edwards Island. With her is Ren, her stoner friend and Jonas, who is her new stepbrother. On the island, they meet other characters. This is how the game begins. The high school seniors are enjoying drinking on the island, having fun and do what friends do. But that’s the calm before ”the storm”. We say this because the island is field with dark secrets. The clash of realistic characters with paranormal elements are going to give you shivers.

Ren tells that the island was a military base in the past and the island’s only permanent resident, known as Maggie Adler died recently. Alex, Ren and Jonas start exploring the nearby caves, where it is believed that certain radio frequencies are causing supernatural events. Suddenly, in a small cavern, Alex tunes the radio and out of nowhere a dimensional rift is formed. From that point, things are starting to be kinda supernatural in Oxenfree.

Oxenfree MacBook Version REQUIREMENTS

Oxenfree MacBook Version DOWNLOAD


Right now the game is available to download as .dmg. Once .dmg file is downloaded, you have to open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!


More Game Details:

Gameplay is set around the “walk and talk” mechanic: dialogue during cutscenes are replaced with speech bubbles over Alex’s head. This gives you the possibility to choose between two or three dialogue options. But Oxenfree lets you freely move around, navigate and explore the environment. You can select dialogue options when you want during conversations. So you get to choose if you want to wait for other characters to finish the dialog or you want to interrupt or even to say nothing. Be careful because certain dialogue options are able to cause a thought bubble with Alex inside it to be over characters heads. This way to know that your choice affected the characters relationship.