Outlast 2 MacBook Version

Outlast 2 MacBook Version

We are thrilled to announce that Outlast 2 MacBook Version is now available for all the iMacs and MacBooks. It is developed and published by Red Barrels and it has many fans already. This first-person survival psychological horror video game is going to surprise you a lot. There are many crazy moments expecting for you. So the question is: how fearless are you? If you want to find out the answer, Outlast 2 can help you.

Outlast 2 MacBook Version gameplay

While Outlast 2 is set in the same universe as the first game, the setting and characters are new. So you play as cameraman Blake Langermann. He and his wife, Lynn are investigative journalists, taking the plunge to uncover horrifying stories. Following some clues about a pregnant murdered Jane Doe, they end up deep in the Arizona desert. After their helicopter crashes, they become separated. Blake must find his wife but he realizes that is stranded in a village of cultists who think it is The End of Days.

In Outlast 2 MacBook Version, there are essentially three primary stories. One is about the birth of the Antichrist, one concerning Blake’s visions of Jessica. The third one involves the Murkoff and their implication with the course of events. Each of the plots is quite a bit overlapping throughout the main story. Some parts are impossible to miss, but others are subtle and require a lot of assumption and additional document. This game is filled with many mysterious and terrifying moments hard to forget.

Outlast 2 MacBook Version REQUIREMENTS

Outlast 2 MacBook Version DOWNLOAD


Right now the game is available to download as .dmg. So after .dmg file is downloaded, you have to open it and extract the game in applications folder. It’s that easy!


More Game Details:

As you already know, the camcorder returns in Outlast 2 with night vision for the darkest moments. But be careful because the batteries remain in short supply. The number of places you can hide is increased. In the previous game, you were able to hide under beds and in cupboards. But now with Outlast 2 MacBook Version, you can choose between hiding in pool of water or behind furniture and even in an empty barrel. Sounds interesting, right?

During development, Red Barrels was inspired from the Jonestown Massacre. It was the worst terrible mass suicide in recorded history. The sad event was useful to recreate similar feelings of fear and vulnerability that the game gives to players.