One Piece: World Seeker for MacBook

One Piece: World Seeker for MacBook

Another cool 2019 action-adventure video game is here! We are talking about One Piece: World Seeker for MacBook which is one of the most anticipated game so far. This game developed by Ganbarion and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment is based on the manga as well as anime series called One Piece. You take control of Monkey D. Luffy and you follow him in his epic adventure. Are you ready?

One Piece: World Seeker for MacBook gameplay

Let’s tell you more about One Piece: World Seeker for MacBook. As we said, you assume the role of Monkey D.Luffy also called ”Straw Hat Luffy”. He is the founder as well as the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates who wants the titular One Piece treasure. This way he is able to become the pirate king. Your character is separated from his crew on the Prison Island. That place is in a constant state of unrest because of occupying military forces and also put-upon locals.

The game features a big open world with different areas that you can’t access straight away. But that’s the fun part because while progressing, you get to discover more places. You will notice some glowing spots dotted around the map. These are indicating the location of some hidden treasure. While exploring the environment, you are going to find wooden crates. Inside them there are items and materials you can use.

One Piece: World Seeker for MacBook REQUIREMENTS

One Piece: World Seeker for MacBook DOWNLOAD


This game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, just open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!


More Game Details:

In One Piece: World Seeker, while you complete missions and progress you get to earn Skill Points. Then you can spend them on new skills for your character. Early in the game, you can unlock The Fast Travel skill and it allows you jumping to certain points of the map super fast. It’s fun that there is no limit for using it.