Octopath Traveler for MacBook

Octopath Traveler for MacBook

Our team has good news today! Octopath Traveler for MacBook is now available so all the MacBooks and iMacs owners can play it. This turn-based role-playing video game is developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo. In it, you take the role of one of eight adventurers, each having a different way of beginning their journey.

Octopath Traveler for MacBook gameplay

Octopath Traveler for MacBook is set in the land of Osterra. There the Order of the Sacred Flame believed that their world was build by thirteen deities before twelve were obligated to seal the fallen god Galdera. The story is different because of the eight protagonists, each having their own quest. Another thing is that each character comes from different parts of the world and this determines their job or even attribute. Along with that, each has a unique Path Ability command you can use while interacting with NPCs. They are divided into two categories Noble and Rogue.

This game features a number of turn-based battles and you are able to attack using several types of weapons. Also you can use elemental attacks, abilities and other items. The playable characters are going to receive a Boost Point at the end of each turn.

Octopath Traveler for MacBook REQUIREMENTS

Octopath Traveler for MacBook DOWNLOAD


The game is finally available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, you have to open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!


More Game Details:

In Octopath Traveler, during your turn you are able to use up to three Boost Points in order to boost a command. This allows you to attack multiple times, raise your defense or even increase one of your abilities. It is important to say enemies have a shield counter that get low when they are attacked with weapons or other elements.