No Man's Sky for macOS

No Man’s Sky for macOS

Good news for you! No Man’s Sky for macOS is right now available and works perfect on all the iMacs and MacBook. This action-adventure survival game is developed and published by Hello Games, an indie studio. There is a number of 18 quintillion planets in No Man’s Sky waiting to be explored by you. We are sure that you will like this cool game.

No Man's Sky for macOS gameplay

In No Man’s Sky for macOS, you play as theTraveller who wakes up on a remote planet close to a crashed spacecraft. He gets a message from an entity known as “The Atlas” that offers to help the Traveller. More specifically, that entity tells him the needed repairs for the spacecraft. Also the Traveller has to gather resources to fuel a jump to another solar system. On their way, they meet individual members of three alien species. Those are the Gek, Korvax and Vy’keen. As the Traveller is getting closer to other systems, they are warned that is a space anomaly in a nearby system. There they discover a space station where two aliens named Priest Entity Nada and Specialist Polo are waiting for them. From that moment, there will be many unexpected situations you will face.

The experience you are going to have in No Man’s Sky will be unique. This game is so huge, so free of direction, that the adventure feels amazing. An essential thing is that before you can fix your ship and leave one of the planets, you can quickly learn the main rules of the universe. First planet asks you for walking, but after you fix your ship and take off the game gives you infinite directions. In the beginning, is important to regularly use your scanner. It is very helpful because it shows you every uncommon element.

No Man's Sky for macOS REQUIREMENTS

No Man’s Sky for macOS DOWNLOAD



This game is available to download as .dmg right now. So after .dmg file is downloaded, just open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!


More Game Details:

Don’t expect to explore these planets with a party of persons. Sean Murray says that 99% of the game’s solar system is untouched by each single player, so the prospect of bumping into anyone else is highly unlikely. The good part is that if two players go to the same place, they see exactly the same thing. Players might stumble upon planets that the others discovered already and notice things such as human-made distortions in the planet’s structure.