NHL 19 for MacBooks

NHL 19 for MacBooks

We have great news! NHL 19 for MacBooks is now available for you and can be played on any iMac and MacBook. This ice hockey simulation video game is developed by EA Vancouver and published by EA Sports. The 28th installment in the NHL video game series features Nashville Predators defenceman P.K. Subban on the cover. For Finland and Sweden covers there are Patrik Laine from Winnipeg Jets and William Nylander from Toronto Maple Leafs respectively.

NHL 19 for MacBooks


NHL 19 for MacBooks uses the Real Player Motion technology. Certain different skaters were motion captured, and then EA Sports have overhauled those animations to make them more realistic and also authentic. Movement in this game place a high emphasis on size and skill. Animations flow into each other better than in previous games. Additionally, NHL 19 uses new physics system that reshape the in-game collisions. Players are able to gather teams of twenty scouts, both pro and amateur. They are specialize in different skills and regions. Also each of them has thirty ratings that affect the scouts abilities.

In NHL 19 scouting also involves Fog of War. It sees particular players skills and abilities unknown during scouting. To remove the Fog of War, players must send out their scouts to witness matches so they can learn more about the unknown attributes. Scouts evaluate the personalities of players to know  how they might influence the morale of your team. Players can create their own loadouts: player class, traits, and specializations. Multiple loadouts can be saved. Players can unlock over 900 items through progress made in all modes and in the entirety of World of CHEL.


NHL 19 for MacBooks DOWNLOAD



The game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, open it and extract the game in applications folder. 


More Game Details:

One important addition of NHL 19 for MacBooks is about the World of CHEL. It is described as an evolution of the EA Sports Hockey League. NHL ONEs is an important part of World of CHEL. In this game mode, three players compete against each other without rules, limitations, stoppage. The matches are organised outdoor ponds in four different locations. All three play against an AI controller goalie, and the player who scores the most goals in 3 minutes,  wins the game. NHL THREE  allows players to compete in matches without offsides and also no icing on smaller sized rinks. The NHL THREEs has Drop-In capabilities, which allows players to wear during matches casual gear and clothing and play with up to five other players online. NHL THREEs also focuses on playing against NHL stars like Wayne Gretzky. Playing and winning more give players with more experience and they can use it to win Hockey Bags.