Mega Man 11 for macOS

Mega Man 11 for macOS is now available for you! The game has been converted and works great on the Macintosh computers without emulators. This action-platform game is developed and published by Capcom. You control Mega Man trying to stop Dr. Wily from using a Double Gear system invented by Dr. Light based on research he conducted when he was in college. Are you ready?

Mega Man 11 for macOS

Mega Man 11 for macOS is the 11th main series Mega Man game. It features the gameplay of the classic Mega Man games, but with a new feature. We are talking about the Double Gear System. This system allows Mega Man to own two new abilities. First is “Speed Gear” used for slowing down time. The second one is the “Power Gear”. Mega Man use it to charge a more powerful charged shot, shoot two charged shots at once and also power-up his special weapons.

Mega Man owns all his abilities from the previous games, including his iconic Buster with its charged shot. He is also able to slide under low gaps and use his loyal dog, Rush, to bounce off and reach high platforms. In the situation when Mega Man win against one of the Robot Master bosses, he takes their power. Then he can use it how he want. With just a button, Mega Man changes his appearance to reflect the weapon he is using. In the same time his buster is replaced with the new weapon. In Mega Man 11, some weapons make stages easier or harder. For example, many give the player an advantage against some bosses.

Mega Man 11 for macOS REQUIREMENTS

Mega Man 11 for macOS DOWNLOAD


Mega Man 11 for macOS is now available to download as .dmg. After  .dmg file is downloaded, just open it and extract the game in applications folder. Don’t forget to enjoy it!


More Game Details:

Mega Man 11 has four difficulty modes: Newcomer, Casual, Normal and Superhero. Don’t get tricked by their name. Newcomer is right for those who played less platforming games or find it difficult. Casual is a good difficulty to start on even if you have experience. When you start a difficulty, you can’t change it until you start a new run. The Robot Masters are eight bosses you have to overcome. This way you have access to the final levels and beat the game. Each of them shows at the end of its respective level. You can tackle those levels in any order you want. Changing weapon modes modify Mega Man’s appearance, not just his color palette. Sometimes, his teal and yellow form adds extra armor, including large brick-like hands. This way, Mega Man makes the blocks to fall from the sky, destroying everything below them.