Marvel’s Spider Man for MacBooks

Marvel’s Spider Man for MacBooks

Do you remember the superhero Spider Man? Now you have the chance to be this great character in a game called Marvel’s Spider Man.  It is an action-adventure game, developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. When a new criminal threatens New York City, Peter Parker and Spider-Man’s worlds collide. In order to save the city and also the loved ones, he must rise up and get stronger. Have fun!

Marvel’s Spider Man for MacBooks

Instead of the original story, this Spider-Man game follows an experienced Peter Parker.  He is  23 and has been fighting crime for eight years. Peter is no longer the clumsy hero that could get himself into trouble. Marvel’s Spider Man for MacBooks is focused on Peter trying the balance his double live: being a normal citizen and also the superhero. Being the superhero is conflicting with being Peter Parker, and Peter’s starting to ask himself if he should do more good in the world, without wearing his mask. Also he knows that the fate of millions of New Yorkers is in his hands.

Marvel’s Spider Man starts with Peter helping his police friends in a sting against Wilson Fisk, also called the Kingpin.  First there is a long fight , Spider-Man beats down bad guys and  saves some civilians. He manages to bring Fisk down, but the Kingpin threatens that things will get worse in New York because of  the power vacuum removing him is creating. Mary Jane Watson, who is working as a journalist for the Daily Bugle is playable at certain points in the game.  Her part of the level focuses on sneakiness. Players must avoid getting spotted so they can enter into the room of a museum to gather evidence.

Marvel’s Spider Man for MacBooks REQUIREMENTS

Marvel’s Spider Man for MacBooks DOWNLOAD


Right now this game is available to download as .dmg. After .dmg file is downloaded, open it and extract the game in applications folder. it’s easy and fast!


More Game Details:

In Marvel’s Spider Man is about balancing height with speed, making swings take Spider-Man high so he can fall to move quick. Spider Man has abilities just like a web zipline and a powerful spring jump that can help him speed up and also cross gaps. Helping people, catching thieves and other activities give Spider-Man experience points. He can use them to unlock new abilities. You have access to an white Spider suit which comes with a special “suit ability.” You can also earn points to unlock other suits if you complete open world events.