Madden NFL 19 MacBook OS X Version

Madden NFL 19 MacBook OS X Version

We have great news for sports lovers and not only! Madden NFL 19 MacBook OS X Version is now available for all MacBook and iMacs owners. This stunning American football sports video game is based on the National Football League. It is developed and published by EA Sports. The game wants to give a deep and satisfying experience for all casual and serious football fans equally.

Madden NFL 19 MacBook OS X Version gameplay


Longshot, the story mode of Madden was introduced in last year’s version of the game. Longshot followed Devin Wade, a quarterback and Colt Cruise, a wide receiver. The two college players find themselves on the road to the NFL draft. You guide both of them to the promised land by helping them be on a show called The Longshot. They eventually get drafted to their respective teams, and it’s a happy end. But, that story mode is back for Madden NFL 19, and it matures with the continuance of their stories. They are now actual NFL players, and they meet up new set of challenges.

This year, Madden NFL 19 added new offensive and also defensive schemes. When you start a franchise you need to choose between six offensive and eight defensive schemes. Schemes are connected into the player archetype system. The system classifies players beyond positions. It is better for you to match schemes with player archetypes as much as possible. The game biggest addition is Real Player Motion, that makes movement more realistic. Running with the ball has the most changes. You can manage your acceleration which is essential. You can lay off your speed til you get close to a defender and then cut fast to surprise him.


Madden NFL 19 MacBook OS X Version REQUIREMENTS

Madden NFL 19 MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD:


Right now the game is available to download as .dmg. So after .dmg file is downloaded, open it and extract the game in applications folder .


More Game Details:

Madden NFL 19 MacBook OS X Version offers you the chance to upgrade a player directly from his card. It is easier instead of searching through long lists trying to find proper upgrades. Taking control of player chemistry is also simplified. Cards with pre-selected chemistry does’t exist. That means you have more options to line up new cards in your scheme. In case you have doubts about upgrades, you can remove them. It you do this, you receive some of your training points back. The story mode features once again notable actors, including Ron Cephas Jones as Devin’s stern quarterback coach and Rob Schneider as a quirky, caffeinated general manager.