Legends of Runeterra for MacBook

Legends of Runeterra for MacBook

It is finally here for you! Legends of Runeterra for MacBook is another card game you can now play on all Macintosh computers. This is a game developed and also published by Riot Games. Try it now and let us know what you think about it!

Legends of Runeterra for MacBook gameplay

Curious to find out more about Legends of Runeterra for MacBook? Well, the game is played one against another. Each player begins the match with four playing cards together with 20 health points nexus and no mana. These cards are randomly selected from a card deck. We have to say that before the match begins, each player has the chance to trade out any of the first four cards they drew for random different one from their deck.

In Legends of Runeterra, to play cards you must spend mana gems. The game features three types of cards which are Champions, Followers and spells. It is important to say champions are the most powerful cards in the game. Also each have a criterion that once met level up the card into a more stronger version. Another thing is that once played, cards may be placed forward once more to attack or defend with them. It is fun to play this game and we are sure that you together with your friends will enjoy it.

Legends of Runeterra for MacBook REQUIREMENTS

Legends of Runeterra for MacBook DOWNLOAD


The game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, you have to open it and extract the game in the applications folder. Enjoy it!