John Wick Hex MacBook Version

John Wick Hex MacBook Version

Today we present you another game that is now available for you to play on all Macintosh computers. We are talking about John Wick Hex MacBook Version, an action strategy video game expected by many. While Bithell Games developed the game, Good Shepherd Entertainment published it. Curious to find out more about it?

John Wick Hex MacBook Version gameplay

This 2019 game is a timeline strategy game in which you assume the role of titular character through a level on a hex-based grid. You have to use several moves and actions in order to defeat your enemies. Also it is important to avoid being hit by their foes. We must mention that to you the actions of John and visible enemies are presented on a timeline similar to video editing software. You will notice each action takes a particular amount of time in John Wick Hex.

In the game, you load commands for John to follow into the timeline. In case you don’t add further actions into the timeline, the game will automatically pause. There are many actions you can choose from for your character. Keep in mind your character owns limited ammo for defeating your enemies. For instance, he has 15 bullets in his handgun. This is because once you reload your weapon, you lose any bullets left in the weapon’s magazine. The game allows you to grab different weapons from your enemies. It’s cool that every time you choose to shoot them, John fires not one but two rounds at his enemy because John Wick double-taps his enemies in the movie.

John Wick Hex MacBook Version REQUIREMENTS

John Wick Hex MacBook Version DOWNLOAD


Hurry up! The game is available for you to download as .dmg right now. So after  .dmg file is downloaded, your task is to open it and extract the game in applications folder. That’s all! Enjoy the experience!