Inside MacBook OS X Version

Inside MacBook OS X Version

Yes, it’s here! Inside MacBook OS X Version is finally available and can be played on all MacBooks and iMacs. This puzzle-platformer adventure game is developed and published by Playdead. You take control of a young boy in a near-monochromatic environment. His mission is to solve environmental puzzles as well as avoiding deadly hazards while he struggles against the evil forces of the world.

Inside MacBook OS X Version gameplay

Inside MacBook OS X Version takes place in a world that looks plenty dark and bleak. But though the fact that there are other people in this particular world, the game brings a slightly different story. Many aspects of the world are futuristic but there are also some scenes and items that are more likely for modern time. For example the scene when the boy runs through a field where electric poles stand by the side of the road. The main character for Inside is a young boy who seems to be the protagonist. His name is unknown yet. While the boy runs through the world of Inside, there appear to be other characters in the background but it is not known yet the interaction the boy has with them. This type of game makes you have a lot of question without an answer in your mind.

The gameplay takes on a 2d side-scrolling look, although the graphics for Inside give the game an amazing 3D appearance. The game brings a number of obstacles for the boy. He has to jump over them in order to get from one place to another. The team which developed this game say there are some kinds of puzzles that you need to solve. This way you can get from one scene to another in the game.

Inside MacBook OS X Version REQUIREMENTS

Inside MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD


Hurry up! The game is right now available to download as .dmg. So after .dmg file is downloaded, you must open it and extract the game in applications folder. It is very easy!


More Game Details:

There are some important aspects you have to remember. The story unfolds over the course of Inside, showing you small pieces about the mysterious world. So you need to put everything together in order to answer your questions. Playing as the boy, you must use your environment to overcome obstacles. But this is not easy because you are extremely vulnerable in different situations. 

Gameplay on MacBook