Injustice 2 MacBook OS X Version

Injustice 2 MacBook OS X Version

Our team has good news! Today another cool game named Injustice 2 MacBook OS X Version is available. Fortunately now it is converted and works perfect on all Macintosh computers. Sequel to 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us, this is a fighting video game. It is developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The story focuses on Batman and his struggle to restore society after the fall of Superman’s regime. He needs you!

Injustice 2 MacBook OS X Version gameplay

The events of Injustice 2 take place soon after Injustice: Gods Among Us. The villain formerly called “dictator” Superman is now powerless because of his defeat by Batman. Even though this incarnation of Clark Kent is not causing terror anymore, the world is still not in peace. Unfortunately, other villains such as Harley Quinn are yet wreaking disaster. In this situation, Batman is helpless to stop the evil ones from killing innocent citizens. Also the heroes like Supergirl and Wonder Woman are too busy fighting with each other to confront the world’s super-criminals.

Things change when a new threat has emerged and both sides are in danger. So a temporary alliance between the most bitter enemies is required. Story Mode of Injustice 2 MacBook OS X Version features 76 different fights and also five difficulties from very easy to very hard. When you complete a chapter, you get a special Gear for the fighter you use during that chapter. In the same time, you receive a Shader for that fighter. In the moment you completed the entire Story, you receive many rewards like over 55,000 credits, 1 Gold, 10 Bronze and others. Also you unlock the playable fighter, Brainiac.

Injustice 2 MacBook OS X Version REQUIREMENTS

Injustice 2 MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD


This game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, just open it and extract the game in applications folder. Have fun!


More Game Details:

The previous game featured most of the well-known DC comic characters. But now, in Injustice 2 there are 15 new playable characters included and also two new premier skins. These give your character a complete new look as well as change their dialogue lines for matching their new form. Another cool feature is the new gear system. It allows you to improve your characters with gear that influences their strength, ability, health and defense.