Frostpunk MacBook OS X Version

Frostpunk MacBook OS X Version

It is finally here! Frostpunk MacBook OS X Version is now available and can be played on any MacBook and iMac. Developed and published by 11 bit studios, this city-building survival game is already love by so many. What are you waiting for?

Frostpunk MacBook OS X Version


The game is set in the year 1886 where factors like the eruptions of Krakatoa and Mount Tambora, the dimming of the Sun, and others determined a worldwide volcanic winter. This caused the death of millions of people. The event roughly is similar with the real world 1883 eruption of Krakatoa which led to global cooling. In response to this, several generators are build in the coal rich North. They are designed to be city centers in case dropping temperatures force migration from the south. Frostpunk MacBook OS X Version brings 3 scenarios, each of them with different backgrounds and storylines. In all, you are the leader of a city around a generator. Your task is to manage all resources and assure the city’s survival. As long as the generator is working, homes provide shelter, people get food, and hospitals can take care of persons in need. If that generator stops working then everyone dies among the ruins that used to be their community.

The generator is in the middle of Frostpunk maps and gives them novel layouts and character. In Frostpunk MacBook OS X Version, everything is sat in concentric rings around the generator. Also, buildings closer to generator are considerably warmer than the outdoor temperature. On the map’s thermal overlay, you see that the generator and its surroundings burn in red and yellow. Instead, buildings on the edge appear in colder aquamarine and deep blue. Also in colder areas you see working crews struggling through snow and buildings start freezing.

Frostpunk MacBook OS X Version REQUIREMENTS

Frostpunk MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD


This game is available right now to download as .dmg. After  .dmg file is downloaded, simply open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!


More Game Details:

In Frostpunk you have to survive each of the 3 scenarios for a fixed number of game days, the main campaign scenario ends after 60. As the days pass on, the weather keeps getting colder. The temperature dives deeper below freezing, and you have to run the generator hotter to keep the temperatures reasonable for citizens. This means you need three other things: new technology upgrades, raw materials, and healthy workforce. Since the weather is getting worse, it is a higher risk for citizens to get sick or even die and gaps appear in your workforce.