Fishing Sim World MacBook OS X Version

Fishing Sim World MacBook OS X Version team has the honor to present you the most authentic fishing simulator ever made. We are talking about Fishing Sim World , which has been converted and now works great on all Macintosh. The game is developed by Dovetail Games and published by Dovetail Games – Fishing. Feel your adrenaline pumping while catching sized largemouth bass and be ready for the fights with giant carps and pikes in the World which combines realistic game physics and accurate fish AI. Please check the requirements below, before installing Fishing Sim World MacBook OS X Version. Come on ,  show us your fishing skills!

Fishing Sim World MacBook OS X Version

This awesome game called Fishing Sim World includes eighteen different species of fish including smallmouth and largemouth bass, huge carp and pike. All of them have their own unique AI and behavioral systems. To successfully catch each species, you have hundreds of items to choose from. You can also combine items to create equipment. Also it is very important to select the correct lures or baits. Fish behave differently including their response to water temperature and bait choice. The dynamic weather also has a huge role in the fish location. You need to make sure you choose your strategy and position carefully considering the conditions.

Fishing Sim World MacBook OS X Version shows the competitive matter of this great sport, allowing you to take part in live tournaments. You compete against opponents around the world and  your goal is to become a Fishing Sim World champion. If you want, you can also fish with friends in 4-player multiplayer while comparing catches is on real-time leaderboards. In this game are seven different destinations waiting  for you, varying  from North American Lakes to picturesque venues in Europe. Each has challenges and requires other tactics, equipment and angling skills to own.

Fishing Sim World MacBook OS X Version REQUIREMENTS

Fishing Sim World MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD


Right now the game is available to download as .dmg. Once .dmg file is downloaded, just open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!


More Game Details:

For the huge North American Lakes, you need a  special boat.  So there are  three high powered models including two from Bass Cat Boats. In Europe, you find France‚Äôs legendary Gigantica Main Lake. It is replicated in impressive detail and has all of the known boss fish including Fudgies weighing more then 85lb. You have also Manor Farm Lake Waldsee and Bergsee which are amazing lakes from Euro Fishing. These venues even more stunning have a larger number of species to catch and target like new and bigger boss fish.