Fire Emblem: Three Houses for macOS

Fire Emblem: Three Houses for macOS

Hurry up! Another 2019 game called Fire Emblem: Three Houses for macOS is now here. All the MacBooks and iMacs owners can play this tactical role-playing video game. We have to say this is the sixteenth main title in the Fire Emblem series developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. Are you ready for some fun?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses for macOS gameplay


You have to try Fire Emblem: Three Houses for macOS! The story takes place on the continent of Fódlan. That place is divided into three rival nations, now being at peace. These are the Adrestian Empire to the south and west, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus to the north and the Leicester Alliance to the east. In the middle of Fódlan is the Garegg Mach monastery which is home of the Church of Serios and its Officer’s Academy. It’s important to say the academy owns three houses. Also each being populated with students of their nations: The Black Eagles, Blue Lions or Golden Deer.

In the game, you take the role of Byleth and you can choose the name and gender, too. Your character was part of a mercenary group led by his father Jeralt. Now he gets the chance to teach at the academy after an unexpected incident. While you are teaching your students including Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude, your character begins to see Sothis. She is a mysterious girl and only Byleth is able to see her. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is field with many secrets you have to find while progressing. So give it a try and let us know what you think about this cool game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses for macOS REQUIREMENTS

Fire Emblem: Three Houses for macOS DOWNLOAD


This game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, you have to open it and extract the game in applications folder. Have fun!