Fire Emblem Heroes for macOS

Fire Emblem Heroes for macOS

Fire Emblem Heroes for macOS is now available for all the MacBooks and iMacs owners. You have to try this  free-to-play tactical role-playing game. This spin-off of the Fire Emblem series is developed by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo EPD while Nintendo published it. In the game, you control a team of up to four ”Heroes” fighting against enemy teams of different sizes on an 8×6 grid map.

Before installing Fire Emblem Heroes for macOS, please check the requirements below.

Fire Emblem Heroes for macOS gameplay

Fire Emblem Heroes rely on fantastical tropes, you playing as a group of knights trying to take back a kingdom or overthrow some corrupt rulers.  So as we said, you fight enemies with 4 heroes on a 6 by 8 grid. You have to know that you will move strategically similarly to the main series targeting enemies. It is based on the attribute triangle having: Sword & Fire that beats Axe, Wind that beats Lance & Thunder which will beat Sword & Fire.

In the game, you can use currency called orbs to acquire new heroes and also quality-of-life items. Another thing is that each mission cost stamina that is recovered in time. When you complete in-game activities, you receive a number of orbs. An important aspect is that characters have different movement restrictions. For instance, armored units have shorter range than cavalry units. The arena in Fire Emblem Heroes for macOS is the PVP mode. You have to use one Dueling Sword every three battles on the offense. After this, you need to choose one of three opponents separated by difficulties. This is while you try to win seven consecutive fights before the end of the season.

Fire Emblem Heroes for macOS REQUIREMENTS

Fire Emblem Heroes for macOS DOWNLOAD


This game is available to download as .dmg right now. So after .dmg file is downloaded, you have to open it and extract the game in applications folder. Easy and fast!


More Game Details:

In the moment you summon a hero, you are allowed to choose available summoning banners among 5 summoning stones. This way you summon a character with 5 orbs in one of 4 categories. Those are: blue, green, red and colorless. In case you fail, you can try again for 4 orbs among the remaining but it goes down to 3 orbs on them. Fire Emblem Heroes for macOS features a set of ”story” missions divided by chapter that you will complete. Also there are different rotating challenge missions waiting for you.