FIFA 19 MacBook OS X Version

FIFA 19 MacBook OS X Version

Dreaming of FIFA 19? Well, team is proud to make the big announcement! FIFA 19 MacBook OS X Version is here for you and can be played on any Macintosh computer.  This top football simulation video game is developed by EA Vancouver and EA Bucharest. The 26th installment in the FIFA series already has so many enjoying it!

FIFA 19 MacBook OS X Version

Alex Hunter, the character who first appeared in FIFA 17 is back for the third and final installment of “The Journey”, now called “The Journey: Champions”. He returns with playable character Danny Williams and also Kim Hunter. You must know that FIFA 19 MacBook OS X Version includes the UEFA Champions League and the tournament is woven into the game. It includes a new standalone tournament mode which allow players to use any European club from the beginning till the end. The team who created this awesome game worked hard for this features updated visuals to make sure crowds, stadiums, match balls and even banners look very realistic. 

Now playing for the German club Bayern Munich, Hunter tries hard to become a superstar. The pressures of fame affected his relationships and his personal life. FIFA 19 made the unexpected decision of featuring Hunter in only a third of the story.  His half-sister, Kim Hunter and his friend Danny Williams who also appeared in last year’s The Journey have now equal billing.  Kim’s new role on the U.S. Women’s National Team takes to some thrilling moments. However, Williams is the one who ends up feeling like the protagonist of The Journey.


FIFA 19 MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD


Now this game is available to download as .dmg. So after .dmg file is downloaded, simply open it and extract the game in applications folder. Have fun!


More Game Details:

At nearly any point in the story, you are able to switch between Alex, Kim and Danny. But the game does suggest it is better switching to specific players as you progress, especially before a big game. With FIFA 19 MacBook OS X Version, dribbling, crossing and defending feel excellent. Now controls feel more comfortable and you can also knock the ball into the back of the net. Another important new feature of the game is the Play as Mentors option. This allows you control Alex Hunter and some of his closer teammates in lieu of the entire club.

Gameplay on MacBook