F12017 MacBook OS X Version

F1 2017 MacBook OS X Version

Hurry up! F1 2017 MacBook OS X Version is here and you can’t miss it. Now the game is converted and works just perfect on all the Macintosh computers. It is a racing video game and is based on the 2017 Formula One season. While Codemasters Birmingham developed it, Codemasters published it.

Before you install  F1 2017, please check the requirements below.

F1 2017 MacBook OS X Version gameplay

F1 2017 MacBook OS X Version is simply amazing! There are so many great things about this game. From fresh new technical regulations, new owners to faster cars, competitive field and not only, F1 2017 offers you an unique experience. The career mode is going to surprise you. There are definitely more avatars and helmet designs to choose from. Also you can start with any team you want. Another thing is that a new character is available in the career mode as well as more interaction, cinematics and a more in-depth car management. The expanded area of career mode is just impressive, with a number of 115 upgrades available and the addition of having to manage engine and gearboxes, too.

In F1 2017, there is a new mode named Championships. It allows you to experience fun and unique race events which follow various rules and structures from F1 at the moment. This is for modern and classic cars as well. In the game, you get the chance to race either modern or classic cars online with a full grid of 20. This is available for both public and private sessions. The game offers now two spectator spots for league racing and many improvements to multiplayer matchmaking.

F1 2017 MacBook OS X Version REQUIREMENTS

F1 2017 MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD


This game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, you have to open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!


More Game Details:

In Career Mode, the Track Acclimatisation Practice Programme is a perfect way for you to get to grips with a new circuit. It gives a series of gates that helps you learn the ideal racing line. Also the results screen offers a detailed assessment of apex speeds achieved.  Another important aspect is that Dynamic Racing Line assists you. Also there is an ability to download rival ghosts and set ups from the leaderboards into Time Trial mode.