Empire of Sin MacBook Version

Empire of Sin MacBook Version

We have another game available now and you have to try it! It is called Empire of Sin MacBook Version and it is a video game developed by Romero Games and published by Paradox Interactive. You assume the role of one of several mob bosses. They are inspired by real-life figures in Chicago during the era called Prohibition. You have to use your boss in order to control the actions of his underlings. This way you can take over opponents’ business and also recruit new members.

Before you install Empire of Sin MacBook Version, check the requirements below.

Empire of Sin MacBook Version gameplay

Let’s tell you more about Empire of Sin MacBook Version! As we said, you take the role of a crime boss in the Prohibition era. It’s period starts anew in 1920 and struggling to gain control of Chicago by 1933. Being a boss involves enlisting up to 16 underlings from 60 potential ones. The goal is to manage their empire of questionable businesses like casinos, brothels protecting them from the law as trying to extend your influence by taking over others. You will notice that the game uses alcohol as a currency in order to extend the empire’s influence. It’s fun to know that alcohol can be made by breweries under your control. Keep in mind the quality of alcohol can impact its influence.

In Empire of Sin combat as well as other situations are influenced by various traits and perks your character owns. For instance, if a character has the ”Hair Trigger” trait can fire the weapon rather than moving to cover when ordered. We have to say these traits are able to change over the course of a game.

Empire of Sin MacBook Version REQUIREMENTS

Empire of Sin MacBook Version DOWNLOAD


This game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, just open it and extract the game in the applications folder. Have fun!