Don't Starve MacBook Version

Don’t Starve MacBook Version

Today our team has good news! Another game you can play now called Don’t Starve MacBook Version is here. This survival video game is developed by Klei Entertainment and published by 505 Games. It features a pretty interesting story following a scientist called Wilson. He finds himself in a dark world and his goal is to survive as long as possible. To that end, you have to keep him healthy, fed and mentally stable. Also you must avoid a variety of supernatural enemies trying to kill and devour your character.

Don't Starve MacBook Version gameplay

As we said, the goal in Don’t Starve MacBook Version is to survive as long as possible. There is a count of the number of days your character survived is shown onscreen. Wilson is your default character and while progressing you can unlock Willow using 160 experience points. If you want to unlock the last character Woodie you have to unlock it, you need 1,600 experience points. You earn 20 experience points for each in-game day and you receive them after your character dies.

Don’t Starve relies on a day/night cycle that is going to cause meaningful fluctuations in gameplay style. Keep in mind that during the day you spend most of the time exploring the world. So you have to gather food, firewood and other useful resources. Along with these, you have to discover crafting recipes to combine available items as well as avoid enemies. When the night comes, dangerous monsters are becoming a threat for your character. While the screen is dark, monsters are going to attack. This means you must have a light source or night vision in order to prevent attacks.

Don't Starve MacBook Version REQUIREMENTS

Don’t Starve MacBook Version DOWNLOAD


This new game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, simply open it and extract the game in the applications folder. Enjoy it!