Detective Pikachu for MacBook

Detective Pikachu for MacBook

It is finally here! Detective Pikachu for MacBook is now available so you can play it on all Macintosh computers. This adventure game is developed by Creatures Inc. and published by The Pokémon Company. It is a spin-off of the Pokémon franchise, in which you are helped by a talking Pikachu to solve a number of mysteries. Ready to have fun?

Detective Pikachu for MacBook gameplay

In this game, Pikachu is not powerful like you know, he is now more intelligent and believes that is a great detective. He encounters a boy known as Tim Goodman and has the ability to understand what Pikachu is saying. Together they must solve a case, to retrieve a stolen necklace. That is the start point of their adventure in Detective Pikachu  and their goal is to solve many other cases. Instead of using a Pokedex or other gadgets for investigations, Tim and Pikachu are helped by experts like Milo, a news reporter called Emilia and even a Pokemon Ranger in training.

Tim and Pikachu have to collect testimonies by talking with other characters, investigating crime scenes and also gathering items. Tim is the one recording important details from dialogue as well as item information in his Case Notes. You can revisit it whenever you want. When you found enough evidence, Pikachu ask you to use them in order to solve the case in Case File. There you will see all the relevant evidence you collected. Be careful because you have to choose which evidence are proving the final answer. Pikachu is going to guide and help Tim. If you get the wrong answer, Detective Pikachu for MacBook allows you to try again.

Detective Pikachu for MacBook REQUIREMENTS

Detective Pikachu for MacBook DOWNLOAD


Right now the game is available to download as .dmg. Once .dmg file is downloaded, you must open it and extract the game in applications folder. Have fun!


More Game Details:

While playing, you encounter many clues that are waiting to be discovered by you so pay attention to everything. To solve a case, you should start with a conversation. Talking to other characters about what they saw or heard, helps you collect precious information about your case. After you found all the evidence, it’s time to begin deducing. Some cases are easier to solve but others might be difficult. But don’t worry, take your time and eventually you will be able to solve even the hardest case of Detective Pikachu for MacBook.