Dead Cells MacBook OS X Version

Dead Cells MacBook OS X Version

Another cool game is available here! We are talking Dead Cells MacBook OS X Version, a roguelike-metroidvania video game you have to try. It is developed and also published by Motion Twin. In this game, you are a body of cells that control a corpse in a dungeon, through you have to fight your way out. Ready?

Before you install Dead Cells MacBook OS X Version, please check the requirements below.

Dead Cells MacBook OS X Version gameplay

This game has a minimalistic style of storytelling. You play as a humanoid corpse possessed by a mass of cells named the Prisoner. He is a silent protagonist but sometimes displays different emotions or personality traits. Dead Cells takes place on an unnamed island. The Prisoner who is immortal is struggling to escape that place. Each time the Prisoner’s host body dies, he finds a new body to possess. Also every time that happens, the structure of the island modifies too.

In this game, every run sees you going through generated levels containing predesigned rooms. In the same time, enemies and items are placed random in each run. You have to fight against enemies that are inspired by Dark Souls enemies because each has unique attack patterns and different ways of fighting. So you need to learn those in order to achieve your in-game goal. There are also four main bosses known as Keepers. Throughout the unnamed island, you can find skills. They are gear and tool that you can use in addition to your character’s weapons.

Dead Cells MacBook OS X Version REQUIREMENTS

Dead Cells MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD


This game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, you have to open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!


More Game Details:

In Dead Cells MacBook OS X Version, you are able to collect items, weapons, abilities and even money. Keep an eye on your enemies because some of them might drop cells. You can spend your cells at the end of every run on various things like items, potions or power. In case you die before you reach the end of the dungeon’s section, you will lose all your cells. After each death, you return back to the beginning of the dungeon for a new run. In the moment your enemy is getting ready to attack you, a small yellow exclamation mark appears above the head.