Celeste MacBook OS X Version

Celeste MacBook OS X Version

Celeste MacBook OS X Version is finally here! Now you can play this platforming video game on all Macintosh computers, developed and also published by Matt Makes Games. In the game, you control a girl called Madeline while she makes her way up a mountain. Her journey is field with various deadly obstacles she has to face.

Please check the requirements below, before you install Celeste MacBook OS X Version.

Celeste MacBook OS X Version gameplay

As we said, the story is focusing on a young woman, Madeline. She ignores the warning of Granny, an old woman and starts climbing Celeste Mountain. Soon she camps out for the night and has a strange dream about a dark reflection of herself. That reflection known as ”Part of Madeline” gets out of a mirror and tries to stop Madeline from climbing the Celeste, in the beginning verbally and then by force. The girl’s adventure in Celeste MacBook OS X Version is pretty interesting and you will enjoy it for sure.

Madeline has a set of abilities like jumping, climbing up walls for a limited amount of time. Also she can even perform a mid-air dash in the eight cardinal as well as intercardinal directions. The game allows you to access an Assist Mode so you can change a part of its physics. For instance the infinite air-dashes or you can choose to change the game’s speed. Throughout each level are hidden a number of strawberries. You can get them by challenging platforming or puzzle solving sections.

Celeste MacBook OS X Version REQUIREMENTS
Celeste MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD


The game is available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, simply open it and extract the game in applications folder. Have fun!


More Game Details:

 While playing Celeste MacBook OS X Version, you will find more interesting things about it and you will enjoy it even more. There is The Variants menu you can try too. It allows you to change the game’s physics like the Assist Mode. Some of the ”variant” settings are speeding the game and low friction to all of the flat surfaces. We have to say these settings make the game either more fun or more challenging for you.