Apex Legends for MacBook

Apex Legends for MacBook

Another 2019 game called Apex Legends for MacBook is now available for all the MacBooks and iMacs owners. It is a free-to-play battle royale game you have to try. While Respawn Entertainment developed it, Electronic Art published it. Are you ready to have fun?

Before installing Apex Legends for MacBook, please check the requirements below. 

Apex Legends for MacBook gameplay

You have to try Apex Legends for MacBook! The plan sounds like this: on an island there are sixty players are pitted against each other. Along with that, they are grouped in teams of three while one of them is taking control of where the squad will land. Next, the squads are tasked with scavenging for weapons as well as resources so they can fight the others. You will notice that the play area gradually constricts in size until the moment one squad remains. This mean the match is finished.

It’s cool that the game features different care packages and also the power to revive your teammates within a specific amount of time. If you want to communicate with your mates, you are allowed to use voice chat or ping system.

Apex Legends MacBook OS X Version REQUIREMENTS

Apex Legends MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD


The game is finally available to download as .dmg right now. Once .dmg file is downloaded, your task is to open it and extract the game in applications folder. Have fun!


More Game Details:

In the game, characters called legends own a unique ability that help their team in battle. We recommend to choose a legend from the eight available that fits your playstyle best. There will be moments when you can be downed into a vulnerable scary bleed-out state. In case an opponent uses a finisher move, this means you are eliminated. While playing Apex Legends, you will discover more fun things about it and you will enjoy it even more.

Gameplay on MacBook