Air Missions: Hind for MacBook

Air Missions: Hind for MacBook

Today we are happy to announce that Air Missions: Hind for MacBook is here! Fortunately it is converted and works great on all MacBooks and iMacs. This tactical combat flight simulator is simply amazing! It is developed by 3DIVISION and published by 3DIVISION and Soedesco. In the game, you play as the Russian Mi-24 Hind helicopter. Ready for some action?

Air Missions: Hind for MacBook gameplay

In Air Missions: Hind, your helicopter named “Flying Tank” by the Russions is well armored and equipped. It has a great armament of AAM, SACLOS, MCLOS S-5, S-8, S-13 and also S-24s missiles and rockets. You are piloting the “Flying Tank” and your task is to defeat the enemy. This means you get through a series of missions and objectives. There are many to do, like destroying enemy Anti-Air outposts or armored tanks and even fighting against other helicopter. For a simulator like Air Missions: Hind for MacBook, graphics are one part. The developer done a great job because the details of the helicopter and also of the surrounding terrain are impressive.

The game offer you 15 missions and you can play solo or with other players. Single player has four important options: Campaign, Instant Action, Instant Mission and Test Flight. Before the start of each game, you are able to customize your helicopter’s skin and special weapons. Because of that, it is easier to adapt to the mission you begin. Another cool thing is that the perspective of the helicopter features several modes, including 1st person, a full 3rd person view as well as a free look.

Air Missions: Hind for MacBook REQUIREMENTS

Air Missions: Hind for MacBook DOWNLOAD


This game is now available to download as .dmg. So after .dmg file is downloaded, open it and extract the game in applications folder. Enjoy it!


More Game Details:

There are some important aspects we have to mention about Air Missions: Hind. One essential thing in the game is being able to control the helicopter. In case you can’t properly angle and also fly your helicopter, it is nearly impossible to hit enemy targets. Because ammo is limited it is crucial that you do not waste it. You have to use it wisely so you can complete all your tasks. On the other hand, weapon selection is important, too. Of course, not having the proper weapon for the mission can be a big disadvantage.